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Love for God, my 3 Jewels, and food! On an assignment to comfort the broken, provide light to darkness brought on by grief of any kind through the Word of God.

Cruelty Of Grief

Tightrope… Quicksand… Descriptions that vividly depicts the road of grief The ground one walks on feels unstable, wobbly while trying to gain composure Any memory, smell, letter, location can easily make one fall back into the abyss of darkness You feel like you are sinking as the sea of grief engulfs you with a range […]

Yesterday’s Pain

The day that was planned early in the morning changed so quickly, Instead of it being a day of preparation it was a day of confrontation as flashback harassed me with memories triggered by locations, Had to work on a school project with my daughter which entailed us going around the city to take pictures […]

Welcome back!

The seasons have changed since I’ve last blogged. Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, Summer to Fall. During these inevitable cycles of nature, the Parker’s world has also run its course of seasonal changes in life- college, junior high school, puberty, friendships & relationships. All cycling without one person- my husband/their dad, Bryant W. Parker. […]

Hold on

Do sometimes, you look into the sky and wonder what goes on the in the heavenly places? I see birds soaring through the sky and patterns of clouds dressed there in, but I wonder as I look deeper, is my mom looking at me? Is my husband? Is there a section in Heaven cheering us […]


Was she always broken and never knew… Covered up with a great husband, good kids and a decent life… But after her pillar was removed, she lost her balance… Now she walks with a limp… Vulnerable to her outside world… She hides behind her tears… Masquerading the truth… But if you look deep into her […]

Healing Moments

A true reflection of God’s love for us is seen in His promises. Despite the pain this life brings, God’s love is enough to cover the ocean of wounds inflicted by life’s blow. In John 17:17, Jesus prayer for the believer is for us to be sanctified in truth. “Sanctify them in the truth; Thy […]


Is it better if I wouldn’t have ever married you? Remained a single mom to just the one… Save me of the pain and emptiness that has invaded my soul… Prevent me from ever knowing what a man of integrity looks like… Or have a man who treasures  his wife… A man who put her […]

Mother’s Birthday….

She quietly sniffled in solitude… No tears… Just mist… The corner of her eyes are beginning to get wet… Her lips begin to quiver… Today her mother’s birthday… Eternal and temporal locations separate the two individuals from this celebration… Realization of her mother’s absence comes to a reality, and now she’s sobbing… She misses her… She closed her […]

Letter to my precious daughter

August 30, 1998… Our lives changed and an angel was given… The hardest thing so far I’ve ever had to do for you is drive away and watch you become smaller and smaller as distance grew between us… Knowing I can’t see your face every day is most difficult… But the world is ready for […]


Being a widow/widower helps you to see who you really are.. You were known as his wife or her husband for so long… Now robbed of that identity… Your weaknesses are now uncovered and exposed, unprotected and stripped… Trying to figure out the how’s of what he/she use to do…. It’s a journey that seems […]