Monthly Archives: January 2016

Understanding Your Loss

Have you ever considered what a loss actually is? I mean losing a job is a loss. Getting a divorce is a loss. Having to put your pet down is a loss. Having a miscarriage is a loss. Getting an abortion and being confronted with the truth that that was a baby and now he […]

Turning Darkness Into Light

Death is birth’s twin. Is one better than the other? Both opens the door to another life. Christ’s involvement determines the severity of each. It’s crazy how breathing is associated with both. I remember when we decided to take my mom off the vent as her organs were beginning to shut down and when the […]

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Omy!

My husband and I partnership in raising our children and running the household was very… well.. what’s the word I’m looking for…. tight. He knew his role and did it very well and I knew my role and did my role very well. When our second daughter was born, we decided together for me to […]

Parker Picks

Cold, cold morning and we are at it again. In case I haven’t mentioned it, my girls and I LOVE to cook together and on this cold day we chose to make Brown Sugar and Honey Pancakes… yummy!!!! Although it’s carbs, calories and tighter pants for me, I treasure these wonderful moments with them. It’s […]


The unexpected loss of a loved one is like an earthquake taking claim of its victims. In just 3 hours, I’ve been notified that two people, one I truly care about suddenly lost their mother. Mom: the one who sets the tone for what life should look like, who could soothe a scratch with one […]


I’m running again. No particular direction. Loneliness, grief, and my emotions are chasing me. Can’t face these emotions. Too painful right now. Although I appreciate the ability to think, I don’t want to. I don’t enjoy those vivid images of my mom’s face, her fragile body, pieces of her hair falling out due to her […]

No time!

I’ve tried to get this blog out over 100 times I think. Every time,  I was pulled by the demands and needs of my precious little jewels. Not sure if I did this when my husband was alive, but I literally checked out this weekend. My kid’s demands were too much for me to handle […]

Rise and Shine

I don’t feel like being responsible today. I really just want to lie in my bed, watch movies, and do absolutely nothing! A child stands at my bedside at 8am… I’m thinking it’s Saturday, go to sleep!!! My youngest, who’s at my side says, “Mom, I want to get some crafting done.”  Crafting…! Who crafts […]

Crazy morning… The life of a widow

Today was such a crazy morning. Took me and my kids back to the beginning of our “new norm” schedule. When my husband first began showing symptoms of his illness, he had a lot of memory loss and impaired cognition. This affected his abilities to be part of carpooling, bathing, cooking, homework and eventually even […]

Overwhelmed with emotions

Today is the day I’m choosing to launch my blog and I’m deciding over which social media sites I will post my blog over. When my husband began to get ill, I took myself off Facebook in 2012.  Now, if you knew my husband, he was like an All American father, husband, son, uncle, brother-in-law, […]