Monthly Archives: March 2016

Malfunction Heart

Beat…Beat…Small pieces inside of me want to live, want to be revived, but I am still paralyzed, I am still immobile and my heart is failing me… How do you go on? How do you #tell #your #heart #to #beat #again? It’s already broken into a million pieces. Shattered…. This strong muscle called a heart […]

Stones with thorns….

I was challenged today in Sunday School regarding the stones (storms, trials) in my live which made me reflect on my response…. How am I choosing to respond to stones thrown in my life? I consider the death of my mom and Bryant, as stagnant stones in my life. They haven’t gone anywhere; they are […]


I’m not breathing. I didn’t realize it but I’m holding my breath. Grief continues to crept into my life discreetly……I’m looking for oxygen. Anyone to give me CPR and revive me back to life. Breathe… silently I hear… BREATHE…. “When it hurts, God is right there to comfort you.” Author Unknown   Praying for you….

Our Hope In Christ

I thank God for our hope we have in Christ Jesus. We have a promised and hope in Christ Jesus that is beyond life on this earth. After my last post, I received a response from the husband of my friend I spoke of on Sunday. You may have seen his response but for those […]

Another bad day….

Yesterday I was angry with God. The mysteries of life and death filtered my mind and clouded my view of His promises for believers. I found out yesterday someone I have grown to really love, is dying of lung and spinal cancer. The doctors have given her a week to live. Why can’t believers be […]