Monthly Archives: May 2016

Happy Birthday

If I knew I would only have 20 birthdays with you, I would have cleaved to every moment with you I would have told you I loved you as much as possible I wish I could marry you all over again I would let you see my fears and not build a wall that didn’t […]

Pruning of life…

The pruning of life has shaped me differently…  but how so? For me… What was intended for good, I’ve perceived as a punishment… An intent to take away…  I’ve created a misunderstanding of loss and missed the lesson in my pruning… Petrified by what’s behind the corner of life… Is it a splinter, a nail, […]

One Grieving Daughter To Another….

Losing your mom feel like someone stuck a spear in your heart and left you to die That’s how bad it hurts… And once they resuscitate you back to life, and you realize you’re not in a dream, the blow of this reality is shocking to the inner core. The awful fact of this process […]