Welcome back!

The seasons have changed since I’ve last blogged. Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, Summer to Fall. During these inevitable cycles of nature, the Parker’s world has also run its course of seasonal changes in life- college, junior high school, puberty, friendships & relationships. All cycling without one person- my husband/their dad, Bryant W. Parker. We’ve celebrated the completion of high school graduation, the first year of college on Dean’s List, acknowledgments of character awards, MVP award for soccer, crafts creation, master chefs & basketball games. It’s been 4 years since my husband has gone on to be with our Lord, and there isn’t one day when we don’t feel the effects of his absence. Sometimes, it still feels as though it happened yesterday. During this time of quietness, I was place in what I called ‘hibernation,’ allowed me a chance to begin my healing process. The vision of my hibernation is so clear in that I can see My Heavenly Father mending my wounds, speaking softly as He prepares me for the next phase of my life. The next phase… What is the next phase of my life? I’m gaining a new appreciation for my new norm. I’m finding things out about myself that I never thought I’d do but I’m pretty decent at.  Things like putting together furniture, driving and finding my way around in new cities, vacationing alone with my kiddos, learning more about the stock market, use a lawnmower, resiliency, resourcefulness, outgoing, driven, creative. I’m being redefined after coming out of the fire. I think grief does that to you. Your view of life changes. You’re no longer the same and people who haven’t walked the road of grief don’t understand it. Sometimes, we don’t understand the change! I am so happy there’s one Person who does, Our Lord. He is intimately acquainted with us and understand our hurts and pains. Together let try to remind each other of that. Let’s hold on and let God continued to heal us in our broken state. The outcome has to be good!

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