Cruelty Of Grief



Descriptions that vividly depicts the road of grief

The ground one walks on feels unstable, wobbly while trying to gain composure

Any memory, smell, letter, location can easily make one fall back into the abyss of darkness

You feel like you are sinking as the sea of grief engulfs you with a range of emotions too overwhelming for the mind to comprehend

Competitive emotions of truth and illusion armed at the battle line of your consciousness, as the body internal demands attempts to hold on to the past only to leave one feeling hopeless as reality sits in and you realize this fantasy can’t last

Now slapped by reality that grief has no favors

In the blink of an eye, they are gone and you are no longer the same

Clouded by pain that follows you wherever you go

Scrambling to find some sense of normalcy but unable

Wondering, will life always be like this?

Air so thick you’re gasping to breathe in a world that has offended you with its insensitive ways of going on as if it doesn’t recognize one of the most important human beings is now gone

Will you find some type of peace?

I could be cliché and say Jesus left you peace…. and He did

But to be frank, sometime that’s not enough in the world of the brokenhearted

The pain remains…

Your view of life is skewed by a pain so deep there are no words to explain

You’re screaming to get out of this nightmare

And the last thing you want to hear are people’s opinions

But each storm has a meaning

Every tear has a name

And our heavenly Father has bottle them up and taken account of all our pain (Psalms 56:8)

So, hold on my dear sister or brother

Be patient with your process

There is beauty for your ashes (Isaiah 61:3)

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